Eye Flu Symptoms Treatment and Prevention

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Eye is one of the most sensitive parts in our body. If any wanted small dust particle enters in our eye it gives us so much pain so think what happens is someone is suffering from eyeful. If don’t want to suffer much pain in eye flu you have to be aware about eye flu symptoms treatment and prevention. Eye flu is most common in children. Eye flu is also known as conjunctivitis which is a kind of infection. Eye flu can spread from one person to another. If you did not get proper treatment it will cause permanent damage to your eyes. Infectious, allergic and chemical conjunctivitis are the types of eye flu. Chemical conjunctivitis is caused by coming in contact with smoke, pollution, chlorine in pool water and contact lens solution.  Conjunctiva which is a membrane suffers from inflammation in conjunctivitis. Viral conjunctivitis is caused by viruses which also causes cold.

Some Symptoms of Eye Flu:

  • Itching and redness in eye is the first symptom of eyeful.
  • Discharge of watery or pus like substance from eyes.
  • Eyelids get swollen.
  • Problem or sensitivity to bright light which is also called as photosensitivity.
  • Feeling of burning in eyes.
  • Problem in seeing or blurring vision.
  • Constant blinking of eyes.

Prevention from Eye Flu:

  • You have heard that prevention is always better than cure so you should know about some preventive measures for eyeful.
  • Avoid going in pools as the water have chlorine.
  • Stay away from substances which trigger eye infections like dust, pollen, smoke etc.
  • Stay away from person who has eye flu; avoid shaking hands or sharing your things with him as this disease can be spread or sharing your lunch with him.
  • Wash your eyes at least 2 times a day.
  • Don’t rub your eyes.
  • Increase your immunity by adding nutrient foods in your diet so that your body cannot catch infection easily.
  • While coughing or sneezing put hand on your mouth or nose.

Treatment of Eye Flu:

  • There are different causes of eye flu or conjunctivitis according to what is the cause of conjunctivitis treatment is given like in viral conjunctivitis eye drops are beneficial.
  • In allergic conjunctivitis doctor gives you medications for allergy and it is tried to remove allergens from your environment.
  • In case of bacterial conjunctivitis your doctor consults you an antibiotic which reduces infection.

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Some Home Remedies for Treatment:

  • Cutting of potato into slices after peeling it and then placing those slices over your eyes can give you relief.
  • Put some coriander leaves in water and warm it. After cooling of water filter leaves from water and use water for washing eye.
  • Juice of gooseberry contains vitamin C. Drink juice of gooseberry daily.

We had told you about eye flu symptoms treatment and prevention also known as conjunctivitis or pink eye so that you don’t need to suffer the pain of this infection anymore.

CONCLUSION: Eye flu which is known as conjunctivitis or pink eye and is most common in children is a very painful infection and needs to treat early.


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