First Three Months of Pregnancy Dos and Don’ts: – Easy Steps for Better Future

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First Three Months of Pregnancy Dos and Don’ts Child is like a blessing for a mother and for this blessing you need to manage your daily life schedule and some precaution you have to follow to keep your baby free from any disease or mishap. So here we go to tell you some do and don’t those have to follow while you are pregnant.

There Are Some ‘’Do’’ Steps: –

  • Take Parental Vitamins

Parental vitamins are necessary for the body and it will help to fills your entire body needs like iron, calcium, zinc and else. In addition, it also fulfills the DHA, EPA which are the main types of omega-3 fats that will help to develop the brain of child.

  • Sleep a Lot

During pregnancy, anxieties and changing in hormones levels can makes your body tried and give sickness to your body so try to take more sleep then earlier because it will good for both baby and mother.

  • Do Some Exercises

First Three Months of Pregnancy Dos and Don’ts, In some research, it is found that doing some exercise will become good for mama and baby. So, try to do some exercises daily and it will help you to fight with the many issues which occur during pregnancy.

  • Stay Hydrate

In the period of pregnancy of nine months, try to keeps your body hydrates because hydration will help to prevent from preterm labor. Hydrate body will also become already safe from dizziness, headaches and other some issues.

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There are Some ‘’DON’T’’ Steps: –

  • Quit Smoking

Smoking is very bad habit and it can create some issues for mama and bay too.  Smoking can reduce the weight of child during the birth and increase the risk of diabetes.

  • No to Alcohol

First Three Months of Pregnancy Dos and Don’ts, Alcohol is a root of all disease. Especially, at the time of pregnancy, drinking of alcohol can makes your child disabled, bad behavior and lower weight of baby. So, try to avoid alcohol consumption because even a small amount of alcohol is not good for baby and mother.

  • Avoid Heavy Caffeine

Small amount of coffee can be avoidable for mama for reducing the tiredness but heavy quantity of caffeine can even affect the heart rate of baby. Some reports are even claimed that consumption of heavy caffeine will lead to risk the miscarriage.

  • Avoid Heavy Foods

Actually, during the pregnancy most of ladies gain too much weight and this activity creates obesity issues in child later. So, don’t eat too much food, eat until you full.

Final words

During the pregnancy period, mama should keep some precautions for better future for baby. We describe some main points for better and healthy future, just do whatever is written and please avoid those things which comes in list of don’t. You can try it otherwise you can consult with any of your doctor and take essential advice and treatment by them. We wish you better future for baby and mother too!


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