Healthy Energy Drinks at Gas Stations- How to Gain Energy?

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When on the road, it is a very opted for choice to throw most healthy food choices out of the window. Grabbing all that junk from the mandatory gas station is pretty much part of a road trip. After all, you are here enjoying yourself, right? Wrong! Terribly so! While those super caffeinated, sugar spiked energy drinks seem like the perfect combo with your bag of Cheetos, they can wreck havoc for your health. This doesn’t mean that you have to take the chance of falling asleep behind the wheel; the world still has some healthy food to offer. so, here is a little information on what to go for instead:

Choose ingredients, not calories:

Even if the energy drink can is splotched with “lesser calories” in the biggest font ever, a natural drink still has benefits over it. Don’t hold your calorie calculator as the talisman for good health. It is smarter to judge by what goes into the food you’re buying than how much goes into it. A good choice, for example is a bottle of enriched coconut water instead of a can of Red Bull.

Go for water if you can:

This probably seems dumb, but hey this is just how our bodies work! Often our mind mistakes thirst for hunger and other cravings. Always try to quench your stomach’s hurling with some plain old water first. Clean chilled water is unmatched for its refreshing properties and I don’t think you could win this argument with a can of sugary nothingness.

Refreshment Island!

You wanna talk energy restoration and electrolytes? Welcome to the holy grail to all refreshments, cucumber! The next time you are staring at a gas station refrigerator, pick a bottle of cucumber infused water if you find one. These crunchy veggies are filled with electrolytes and are super hydrating. They can very instantly restore your energy and take away that lethargy.

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Healthy Energy Drinks at Gas Stations- How to Gain Energy?

Fruit Juices:   

Yes, fruits are a great swap for those energy drinks as well! Enriched naturally with countless vitamins and minerals, fruits are at their refreshing best in a juiced up form. Just be sure to look for a fruit juice variant that isn’t manufactured with the aid of chemical and synthetic additives.  

Hello, Have You Heard About Coconut to Water ?

I don’t think you’ve ever had fresh coconut water if you are drinking energy drinks! Coconut water is about as refreshing and satisfying as anything can possibly be. All this with so many health benefits ranging from helping your skin glow to improved gut health! Coconut water will immediately cheer you up and the flavor of it is just beach-holiday heavenly! Overall, coconut water is a pretty good choice to keep your mind and eyes on the road without causing a caffeine crash.


When looking for a refreshing energy recharge, always look for a natural and a fresh hydrating option rather than a sugar spike and caffeine crash waiting to happen.


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