How to Get Rid Of Pink Eye Fast Home Remedies

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It is an infection caused in eye due to bacteria or virus. It is one of the most happening infections. Its other name is conjunctivitis. It affects outer surface of eye. It catches to those individuals easily whose immunity is low. Pink eye is a spreading disease so it can be spread from one to another. If left untreated it takes about 10 days to cure. Don’t want to go to doctor then see how to get rid of pink eye fast home remedies. Pink eye can be of different types like viral, bacterial or allergic. Some symptoms of pink eye which is caused by bacteria:

  • White part of eye becomes red.
  • Feeling of burning in eyes.
  • Upper eyelid gets swollen.

In pink eye caused by virus the eyes become more watery.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Pink Eyes:

  • Washing of Eye: It is one of the most natural and easy way to get relief from eyewash. You can wash your eyes with the help of Aloe Vera gel. By washing eyes it will help to remove pus from eyes.

Mixing one spoon of baking soda with water and washing eyes with this solution also helps in pink eye. This method should be used 3 times in a day.

  • Non Tearing Shampoo: When sometimes during bathing if shampoo gets in our eye it causes tears to come but it doesn’t happen in baby shampoo so pour some drops of baby shampoo in water and put this mixture in your eye. It will help in washing your eye and after your eye gets washed add 2 drops of castor oil. It will give you relief within one day.
  • Honey: Honey is considered very beneficial for our body as it is full of antibiotic properties. Mix 2 spoon of honey in one cup of water and make it boil and after it gets down cool wash your eyes with this solution.
  • Compress with Hot and Cold: Take a clean and soft cloth. Put it in hot water and remove excess water by squeezing it. Place that cloth in your eyes with light pressure. You can also do same with cold water. It will give you relief from burning.
  • Cold Cucumber: Cucumber is used to cure inflammation. Place 2 slices of it on ice for few minutes. Close your eyes and put these pieces on them. You will get relief.
  • Saltwater: This remedy can give you little pain but it is beneficial in pink eye. Warm some water and dissolve 1 spoon salt in it and allow it to cool down then use a dropper and put few drops of this solution in your eye.

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So why suffer from pain when you know how to get rid of pink eye fast home remedies by natural ways at home easily.

CONCLUSION: Pink eye is one of the most common happening and spreading infection but it can be treated easily at home by some remedies. Salt, Cucumber, Honey and baby shampoo are some ingredients which are used to cure it.


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