What Should Mother Eat When Baby Has Jaundice

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After the birth of a new born baby it is very necessary to watch the baby very closely so that its health condition can be seen. The one illness which is mostly seen in new born babies is jaundice. Jaundice mostly occurs in new born babies and remains longer in babies as compared to adults. Jaundice happens due to high level of bilirubin which is produced by the breakdown of red blood cells. Breaking down of red blood cells in babies are more in babies because the presence of red blood cells is more in babies as compared to adults. Jaundice is very easy to cure in new born babies if you know that what should mother eat when baby has jaundice otherwise it can cause serious harms. Sometimes jaundice can be result of other diseases like malaria etc. To treat jaundice knowing its cause is important. Jaundice changes the color of baby skin and eyes to yellow and the process of changing white to yellow color is because when the baby is born destruction of large number of red blood cells happen due to which lot of bilirubin is created. As the baby is newly born the liver is not so strong and mature to process bilirubin fast so it processes bilirubin very slowly due to which the unprocessed left bilirubin changes the color of baby to yellow.

Some Precaution Which Should be Followed by Pregnant Mothers to Prevent their Baby from Jaundice:

  • Blood test should be performed during pregnancy so that doctor will test for jaundice in baby.
  • Start breastfeeding to your baby within few hours of birth which will help its liver to do its job efficiently.
  • Place your baby naked in sunlight for 5 to 10 minutes but the sunlight should not be very much as it can burn the baby skin. The reason behind placing baby in sunlight is sunlight breaks down bilirubin.

What Should Mother Eat When Baby Has Jaundice

  • Increase consuming vegetables like dark green vegetables in your diet.
  • Consume food two times a day.
  • Consume foods rich in protein like meat, nuts, beans and eggs.
  • Stay hydrated as it will help to flush out toxins from liver.
  • Eat whole grains as they contain fibers, antioxidants and minerals and these are friendly to liver.
  • Drink herbal tea and coffee. These are rich in antioxidants and improve digestion.
  • If you are a vegetarian you need to take b12 supplements to prevent your baby having deficiency of b12.

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Foods Which Should Be Avoided

Alcohol is most dangerous especially in jaundice as it will affects liver and reduces its functioning so you should stay away from it.

Raw or undercooked fish contains viruses which cause harm to liver.

Foods available in packaged and canned form should be avoided as they contain nitrates and sulphates which give pressure to liver.

In this article we told you what mother should eat when baby has jaundice along with its prevention.

CONCLUSION: Jaundice mostly occurs in new born babies and to cure it you mother some precautions and blood test should be performed by doctor.


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