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Write For Us Health: What’s up everyone! We are here to grab some qualified content writer as a guest contributor. We welcome every journalist, writer, student or any person who have best skills to write some amazing articles on the topic of health.

About us

Health + “write for us” an effective site that works to enhance the popularity to other website by submitting some best written contents on some particular topics. At recent time, we works for the health community and we want some those articles that were made on the topic of medical blog, fitness, health, alternative medicine, nutrition and some other keywords that were relevant to these topics. So, if you have abilities to write those articles that were impressive, attractive and informative then don’t wait so long. Kindly connect with us and demonstrate your skill in around whole world.

Tips for guest contributors

You have to follow all these guidelines while you are making any article for write for us: –

  • Word limitation of every article

Whenever you are making any article for write for us then you have to make any article for at least 1000 words.

  • Good existence of article

We only consider only those articles there well formed. Good existence of article will impress of our readers. So, you have to make only those articles that were made with unique shapes and formats.

  • Must be original content

You have to send only those articles that were made with the original content. Original content means that you have to make your article by your own skills and words and don’t add even a single word that was copied from other website or blog. If you did this step then your article will become automatically suspended.

  • Give one link

If you want to give some additional information regarding the any topic or content then you are allowed to add a link in the article that will make easier to achieve more details of that topic.

  • One Meta description

You have to give at least one Meta description in every articles and every Meta description should write for at least 160 characters along with the spaces. This step is necessary.

  • Include 4-5 images in article

If you want to make article attractive and impressive then you have to add at least 4-5 images in the article. But you have to add only those images that are relevant to that topic.

  • Add 1 video

If you want to give detailed appearance of your article then you can add a video in the article because video will work to give full detailed existence of any article.

  • Always avoid robotic and spam content

While you are making any kind of article for write for us then you have to avoid using of any kind of robotic and spam content.

  • Must be readable

Every article must be readable. You have to make your article in better format and don’t create any kind of grammatical mistake.

  • Don’t add any obscene content

Any kind of obscene or adult content will not prefer by write for us team. So, never add any kind of obscene content in any article.

  • Always check before send

Whenever you mail any article in future to write for us then you have to check your article earlier by using of copyscape tool. This tool will definitely help you to find any plagiarism error from your article, if there is any existence found of plagiarism content.

Final words

The only motto of write for us is this that we want to give best off services to our readers. That’s why, we want best quality articles from our guest contributor and well formed articles will not only good for you but it is also good for us. Your well formed article will leads to impress our readers and this step will leads to increase popularity of you and us.

If you have any kind of query and suggestion regarding this work then feel free to contact write for us.

Our website and contact: –

Email me on this mail id – [email protected]

Thank you for getting eye on this article!

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